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IN THIS SMALL BOOK I want to set down as
compactly, clearly and usefully as possible the
gist of what I have learnt about war and peace
in the course of my life. I am not going to write
peace propaganda here. I am going to strip
down certain general ideas and realities of
primary importance to their framework, and so
prepare a nucleus of useful knowledge for those
who have to go on with this business of making
a world peace. I am not going to persuade
people to say " Yes, yes" for a world peace;
already we have had far too much abolition of
war by making declarations and signing resolu-
tions ; everybody wants peace or pretends to
want peace, and there is no need to add even a
sentence more to the vast volume of such in-
effective stuff. I am simply attempting to state
the things we must do and the price we must pay
for world peace if we really intend to achieve it.